Downtown Crossing. A young, energetic quartet from Boston.

Seth Orenstein

Seth sings the high notes that give DTX its painfully bright sound. That ringing in your ears is probably from him. Rumor has it he's related to Ben, a fact they both dispute.

Joey Constantine

Joey is DTX's Chief Diva and Keeper of the Melody. People frequently weep openly at his singing, occasionally for emotional reasons. Joey was a former District Champion with a different quartet, a fact he may one day allow us to forget.

Ben Orenstein

As bass, Ben is Keeper of the Pitch, which explains DTX's impressive ability to sharp a whole step in just one song. When not forcing the treble parts into painful territory, Ben enjoys failing to sing with his eyes open.

Dan Costello

Dan is proud to be the tallest baritone in Downtown Crossing. He's also a BHS Certified Director, and Director of The Vocal Revolution (Downtown Crossing's reluctant home-chapter).