Our Press Kit

How To Announce The Quartet

If a master of ceremonies is introducing the quartet, please say the following:

"This next quartet is a two-time International competitor and the 2013 Northeastern District Champions. Please welcome Downtown Crossing!"

Individual Bios

Tenor, Seth Orenstein: Seth was first introduced to barbershop music at ten years old by his barbershopping grandfather. It wasn't long before Seth was listening to groups like The Boston Common and Bluegrass Student Union. Although his introduction to the genre happened early, it wasn't until eleven years later that he finally decided to get involved in the music he had been listening to for so long. In 2010 Seth paid a visit to the Vocal Revolution barbershop chorus. After ringing just one tag he realized what he had been missing. He has acquired five man-of-note pins, two of which were his brother and father.

Lead, Joey Constantine: After one year of "playing" the clarinet in the middle school band, Joey quickly realized that the only instrument he needed was his voice. He has performed in various vocal ensembles since his early woodwind education, including being invited to perform in the MENC All Eastern Chorus in 2004. At Westfield State, he sang a cappella and played guitar in several acoustic ensembles while pursuing a degree in Communications. After school, he searched far and wide for music fulfillment and found that 4-part harmony was waiting for him! He also sings with Vocal Revolution, under Dan's direction. Outside of singing, Joey works for PreSonus Audio Electronics as a digital marketing specialist. He also enjoys craft beer and swimming. Separately, of course.

Baritone, Dan Costello: Dan has been singing barbershop since he was young thanks to his Grandfather John, who introduced him to this awesome hobby. Dan is a certified Director of the Barbershop Harmony Society and currently directs the Vocal Revolution Men's Chorus. Vocal Revolution is the reigning Northeastern District Chorus Champions and has made several appearances at the Barbershop Harmony Society's International Chorus Contest. Believe it or not, barbershop is not Dan's day job, though he wishes it were! Dan works for Clean Harbors Environmental Services at their corporate office in Norwell, MA.

Bass, Ben Orenstein: Ben has been in choruses almost his entire life. He is the oldest member of Downtown Crossing, and likes going to bed early. He works as a software engineer and teacher, seconds from the quartet's namesake.

High-Resolution Photo

Photo of the quartet